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Erica Vincelli

I’m an award-winning, licensed mortgage agent, born and raised in this beautiful city of Ottawa. As a homeowner, real estate investor and landlord since the age of 21, I understand and have personally experienced many of the same struggles of obtaining a mortgage through the banks. 

When options are not properly explained, you may get trapped in a high penalty mortgage or worse, one you can’t get break free from at all. The fine print can be the most important detail and my team and I are here to provide clarity and do the hard work for you.

Having a passion for helping people, a love for numbers and real estate and the confidence to negotiate for your best mortgage, you will feel assured that you have the right people working for you. I am determined to change the way you experience and understand your mortgage and happy to share my 5-Star Reviews as they are proof of that commitment. My intention is to help you achieve your mortgage goals, whether it is to build a real estate portfolio or be mortgage free faster. I find ways to help you save money and time, and enjoy the process along the way.

When you put your trust in my team, you will be treated with respect while receiving ongoing communication and updates, all from the comforts of your home or work so that your life is not interrupted because the most important part of this process should not be getting the mortgage but rather the excitement of owning your very own home.

My name is Erica Vincelli and I am YOUR mortgage advisor.

Lindsey Cupelli

I would like to take this opportunity introduce you to my highly skilled and licensed Compliance Manager, Lindsey Cupelli. 

While I oversee the entire mortgage process from start to finish, my main focus is learning your objectives to develop the right strategies to achieve your mortgage goals. Both Lindsey and I review every application together to always ensure accuracy and address potential hurdles and opportunities ahead of time. Lindsey works primarily with the lender to get your mortgage approved, satisfy all requirements issued by the lender while looking after the finer details needed to get your mortgage funded.

We are both here to assist you at any time throughout your mortgage process to ensure a positive and stress free experience, after all, we want you to tell all your family and friends how fantastic we are.

We thank you for this opportunity and we look forward to working with you.