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Erica Vincelli

Whether you’re facing hardship or seeking guidance, Erica Vincelli is there to offer unwavering support and assistance with empathy and without judgment. She’s your dedicated partner in realizing your dreams of owning a home, achieving financial stability, and building generational wealth through real estate and real estate investments. 

With over a decade of experience as a licensed Mortgage Agent, Erica combines her passions; being of service to others and real estate, with her expertise in numbers which helps individuals like you reach their homeownership and financial goals.

Drawing from her unique skill set, Erica provides an excellent client journey from start to end for all types of mortgage transactions while identifying opportunities to save money by craftings personalized strategies to reduce debt, lower monthly expenses, improve cash flow and minimize interest costs. As an investor and landlord herself, she practices what she preaches, ensuring that her guidance is grounded in practical experience.

Erica’s stellar track record as a top performer in her company speaks volumes about her commitment to excellence. Her dedication has been recognized with the title of “Favorite Mortgage Broker” by Faces Ottawa and nominated for “Women of Influence”, underscoring her unwavering dedication to helping others achieve financial success.

Beyond her professional achievements, Erica’s true passion lies in providing compassionate support to her clients, especially during challenging times. With kindness and understanding, she intuitively grasps her clients’ needs, guiding them toward the best solutions with empathy and without judgment.

Outside of her career, Erica cherishes moments spent with her family and beloved dog, especially out in nature. Her love for learning is evident in her ongoing journey to master the Spanish language, reflecting her commitment to personal growth and development. 

Having purchased her first home at 21, Erica understands the significance of homeownership and is passionate about helping others achieve this milestone. Let Erica be your trusted partner on your journey toward home ownership and financial success—she’s not just a mortgage agent; she’s your guide to a brighter financial future.

Lindsey Cupelli

I would like to take this opportunity introduce you to my highly skilled and licensed Compliance Manager, Lindsey Cupelli. 

While I oversee the entire mortgage process from start to finish, my main focus is learning your objectives to develop the right strategies to achieve your mortgage goals. Both Lindsey and I review every application together to always ensure accuracy and address potential hurdles and opportunities ahead of time. Lindsey works primarily with the lender to get your mortgage approved, satisfy all requirements issued by the lender while looking after the finer details needed to get your mortgage funded.

We are both here to assist you at any time throughout your mortgage process to ensure a positive and stress free experience, after all, we want you to tell all your family and friends how fantastic we are.

We thank you for this opportunity and we look forward to working with you.