What to Expect for Home Values in 2023

What to Expect for Home Values in 2023

As we ring in the new year, we’re hearing the same thing from different market survey forecasts.

Many properties have come down in value, but forecasts suggest that values will increase by the end of this year, especially if rates start to lower, as the economists are predicting as well.

What does that mean for buyers?

For those who have been waiting it out or are fearful of the current market, this winter through spring may be a great time to get your pre-approval in hand and start shopping. You can buy at the lower value knowing it will start to rebound.

Not all homeowners need to stay in their homes for their entire life. This is a great opportunity to buy a home for the short term with intentions of selling in a few years as equity increases, or converting it to a rental. There are always great strategies to enter the market, but one thing is for sure: it’s never a bad time to become a homeowner.

If you want to learn your options, please reach out, and we can start planning to make 2023 YOUR YEAR!

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